Product demonstrations

Create a Project

Creation of a new BUILD project with a page. This is specifically designed for displaying on mobile end devices and desktop PCs.

Create the Data Model

Creation of a data model to simulate the data from an on-premise system. A total of two entities and their attributes are created: customer and product.

Populate the Data Model

The data model created in video 2 is filled with sample data.

Add a Control Element to Display Data

A table is added to display the data. Furthermore, the data model is linked to the main page. Finally, minor changes are made: renaming a table column, changing the theme and removing buttons.

Create a Feedback Study

A feedback study with a question is created to gather feedback. For this purpose, the latest version of the project is first published.

Give Feedback

Participants take part in the feedback study and provide an answer.

Analyze Feedback

The feedback from video 6 is analyzed. The answer, the commentary and the annotation are considered in detail.

Import Project into SAP Web IDE

Seamless integration with the SAP Web IDE is demonstrated. The created project is imported into the SAP Web IDE and then carried out.

Download Source Code

This shows you how to download the SAPUI5 source code generated in the background in a ZIP file.